25-30 AUGUST 2019


The Global Women’s Forum ("GWF") is an intensive week-long programme of practical sessions, workshops and institutional visits delivered by world leading experts.

Set up to recognise, enhance and develop the next generation of female leaders. This community of exceptionally bright and accomplished future leaders will gain further insight, tools and opportunities to engage with key stakeholders at a crucial time in their careers and broaden their connections to influence global leaders.


GWF is a meeting of 40 young and aspiring women leaders from every region in the world, connecting to tackle hot business topics.

The proceedings and workshops of the forum engage young women with Media, Businessmen and Businesswomen experts on different issues of global business affairs. In addition, the Global Women’s Forum is a cultural and entertaining experience that create international friendship amongst participants and engage with institutions in the host country and connect with the place.

The conference will take place from the 25th-30th August 2019.

The cost of the conference for Indonesians that do not require accommodation will be US$ 540 which will cover all meals which include breakfast, lunch, dinner and all activities that will happen during the conference.

The cost of the conference for all other individuals will be US$ 1,095.00 which will cover accommodation at a five-star resort, all meals which include breakfast, lunch, dinner and all activities that will happen during the conference.


A co-founder of Matara jewellery, Jongjin Jungsura has changed the jewellery landscape, and she will be with us in Bali in August 2019.

Jungsura with 2 of her best friends, started their own business by selling cultured pearls through Instagram. Her frustration with the availability of cultured pearls that were just limited to old-fashioned stores was a driving factor.

With its strong branding, good customer service, high quality handcrafted jewelry from Thai artisans and also modern and contemporary designs, Matara underwent a rapid expansion. Within 3 years, Matara a is now available in Bangkok, London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Vientiane.

Having started small, today the brand has been featured in LA Fashion Week and collaborated with hi-end lifestyle brands and products.

Khotlello Mooka is the CEO of Top Bohlale an events company which catered for the South African 2019 Presidential Inauguration.

She is the Founder of Heavenly Promise 123 which is a non profit organization which focuses on career expos around South Africa. She has also founded a weave academy.

She has received several international awards including the following: 

  • Gold Assagai winner for a human trafficking campaign in 2015. 
  • Winner of the International Organization for Migration in Mexico.
  • Cyber case winner 2015.

Lorna is a visionary leader, an entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Lorna is currently a Human Resource consultant at the National Australia Bank with experience within a broad range of HR functions and varied industry segments. She specialises in designing and delivering strategic HR programs and initiatives.

As a migrant who has faced and overcome employment barriers, Lorna’s purpose is to create a more inclusive future of work. She recently co-founded a social enterprise DivTal, an online job platform that connects employers with culturally diverse talent.

Lorna holds a Bachelor in Psychological Sciences, is a member of various diversity and inclusion committees and networks and a mentor to young African Australians in Melbourne.

Sabrina Mustopo is the founder and CEO of Krakakoa, a “farmer-to-bar” chocolate company making life-changing chocolate.

Prior to starting Krakakoa, Sabrina worked for 6 years in McKinsey and Company, a management consulting company. She was a Sustainability and Resource Productivity Fellow in McKinsey and worked on projects relating to sustainable agriculture development, sustainable economic development, and climate change. She worked primarily in East Africa and Asia Pacific, in countries such as Tanzania, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and Indonesia and her work has been presented to the head of state of four countries.

Sabrina founded Krakakoa in 2014 with a mission to empower cacao farmers in Indonesia, and ensure environmental sustainability and value creation through downstream processing in Indonesia. Krakakoa is the only chocolate maker in Indonesia to win awards at the Academy of Chocolate in London, and has provided training to 1000 farmers across Indonesia.

Shahirah is Co-founder of Finch Australia , an award-winning financial technology platform that helps businesses and financial services enhance the digital banking and payment experience. Finch combines data and behavioural science to create intelligent and personalised financial experiences to encourage financial literacy and wellbeing.

Launched in 2017 after graduating from the #1 fintech incubator in the US, Envestnet |Yodlee, Finch went on to win ‘Best Digital Wallet’ and ‘Best Personal Finance App’ in Australia. Outside of Finch, Shahirah is on the board of Girls in Tech Australia, where she champions women in STEM and entrepreneurship. A recipient of the 'Fintech Rising Star' award, Shahirah is an active member of the startup community, and is regularly invited to speak on diversity, millennial finance, and entrepreneurship.

Maria Rahajeng was catapulted into the world of fashion and media when she was crowned Miss Indonesia 2014. She immediately began her career in broadcasting media and became the first Indonesian TV host for E! News Asia along with her twin sister, Elizabeth. They are also the founders and writers of

Having a creative eye and a passion for the arts of photography and fashion, she is highly sought after by brands and companies to collaborate as an ambassador, spokesperson, model, and digital influencer in the fields of fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle.

In 2018, she co-wrote and launched her first book with Elizabeth entitled Becoming Unstoppable. Unstoppable itself is a word that means impossible to stop or prevent. It is a spirit or mindset that anyone can have. Becoming Unstoppable is ultimately a tale about perseverance, finding your voice, and the importance of trusting your journey even when you don’t understand. Life is one huge surprise, with a plethora of ups and downs, twists and turns, but it is up to you to keep going. The title implies that everything requires a process, nothing is instant, and the process itself will allow you to become impossible to stop.

Upon Graduation from the University of Melbourne in 2012, Melia started her career in the real estate and property brokerage industry in Jakarta. She is involved in several family retail and wholesale businesses; and has an extensive network from this experience.

Her aggressiveness and passion in marketing & sales has led her to serve as Chief Marketing Officer in Du'Anyam, a company which she co-founded. Du’Anyam is a social enterprise focusing on bettering the lives of mothers and families in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, through the art of weaving. Du’Anyam was one of the official merchandisers of Asian Games 2018.


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